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Movement - Creativity - Improvisation by the sea

Live music by Dario Chillemi


Open Space is a place opened to movement and creativity, where adults can explore and share ideas and artistic experiences together with children, immersed in nature just a few meters from the sea.


The main activities proposed will be the KidiMpro and the Feldenkrais method®. The program can be also enriched by further activities proposed extemporaneously by the participants.


KidiMpro is an improvisation practice which, through play, proposes elements of theater-dance and contact improvisation, and allows all participants, regardless of their age, to interact and establish contact thanks to the same means of communication: body movement and sound of the voice.

Stefania Milazzo - founder of KidiMpro - has been working as a performer and video maker for about 10 years. He currently lives in Dresden (Germany), where he teaches dance-theater improvisation to children, adults and people with disabilities.

To date she has made several artistic and theatrical projects and, with the artistic collective ‘Bunterum’, offers interactive dance-theater performances for families.

The Feldenkrais method® offers a practice of movement and psychophysical well-being for the whole family. Starting from the observation of the child's motor behavior and his exploration curiosity, it awakens and improves the adult motor and exploratory processes, thus developing his potential and his creativity.

Deborah Rizzuto is a teacher of the Feldenkrais® method, a dancer and a professor of Literature at school, where she uses the Feldenkrais® principles in her didactic activity in the classroom. During the Open Space she will offer lessons to adults and to parents with their children.


The residence will take place at Feotto, an ancient farm by the sea in Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, a small village near Catania, in Sicily. It is possible to stay in a tent and, under reservation, in small houses. | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | +39 3406171309

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