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sicularte & bombyx mori

workshop with Ewa Benesz
26-30 JULY 2013
Eremo medievale San Marco
Aidone (Enna, Sicilia)

The actor’s original practices: ritual dances and rhythms, chants and vibrating song techniques, movement and relaxing have been chosen from the oldest traditions. They awaken sensitivity and vitality; they clean perceptions and the mind  from automatic habits; they reduce into primary expression. And they learn to see and hear.

The act of creating brings the ‘mythical reality’ of life closer. Unveil the presence of another dimension of  I and another dimension of You. In the awoken attention and in contemplation nothing is indifferent. The boundary between the inner and outer becomes more transparent. I am in Unity.

I prepare my body. I learn to eliminate tensions and to discover the organic process; the body becomes ready to act. I prepare my voice. I study resonance and the vibration of sonorous expiration, in order to become the source of sound, to become sound.Truth is not definable. It can only create the conditions which allow to free, to unveil. Because when it happens, in the act of creating, I touch freedom and renewal.This is theatre in status nascendi. There are no spectators.

EWA BENESZ a Polish actress, a BA from the University of Lublin and a diploma in the Dramatic Arts in Warsaw. She worked in the Instytut Aktora -Teatr Laboratorium directed by Jerzy Grotowski in Poland. In 1970, together with three colleagues from the Warsaw Dramatic Arts School, she founded the Theatre Study. In the years 1975-76 she taught Theory of the Culture and History of Contemporary Theatre at the University of Lublin.The most important projects: ‘The journeys with epos of A. Mickiewicz  Mister Thaddeus, and the spectacles Duino Elegies of Rilke; the part of Solveig in  Peer Gynt of Ibsen, directed by Z. Cynkutis. From 1997 she conducts paratheatrical and theatrical experiences: ‘TO BE’, ‘TOWARDS THE ORIGIN’, ‘THE ACTOR’S PRIMARY PRACTICES’  which take place in Europe. She lives in the Sardinian mountains where she is developing practical research inspired by ancient Sanskrit Vedic texts and cosmogonist myths.

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